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All your questions related to the world of vehicular telematics and GPS tracking answered so that you make the most of the system. If none of the queries featured help you meet a resolution, you can always leave us a message and our support team will personally reach out to meet any of the requirements to your utmost satisfaction.

For Personal Cars

For Business Vehicles

Yes, moving the GPS tracker between vehicles is swift and easy, in cars of any make.

The OBD tracker is designed to function with minimal battery use.

In this case, you may choose to install hardwired GPS tracker instead.

Our trackers are absolutely safe to use and will no hamper or harm the vehicle in any possible way.

The GPS tracker is installed inside the dash of the car for better security which makes it tamper-proof.

You can reach support on for any assistance.

Absolutely, the Linxio platform is a modulated software so you can start with the basics, and add more functionality as your business requirements grow.

While we recommend using a Linxio branded GPS tracking device for the ultimate accuracy and reliability, we understand that the reinvestment into new hardware may not fit within budget. in this case, we do have the ability to integrate almost any GPS tracking device, from any provider.

We give our clients lifetime cloud storage of their company data, as long as you are our customer, your data will be stored safely in our highly secure, mirrored data center.

No, our software is very intuitive, and has many automated tasks to help you run this software with minimal interaction. Such as automated reports, alerts, and notifications.

Pricing depends on a few things, such as your business requirements, fleet size, whether you purchase hardware outright, or go on a rental plan, etc.


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Linxio Mobile App

The Linxio smartphone app lets you gain complete control, with all the features, accessible right in the palm of your hand. Simply download the app from the App store if you are on iOS or from Google Play if you are on android and you are all set.

Get a complete overview of your car’s location in real-time, historic data, drivers, vehicle health and much more. Know your route history, take a deep dive into understanding variable vehicle speeds, cornering, distances covered with automated alerts and notifications.

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