Why Do I Need Car Tracking?

Car tracking is a system that combines the car location with the tracking software that collates data for furnishing a report that showcases the multiple locations that the vehicle has been at.

On a broader note, a car tracking system makes use of GPS to track the location of the designated car. The car location captured can be analysed using dynamic data mapping system via specialised software.

Car GPS trackers, unlike personal GPS trackers, make use of active live tracking with added geo-fence tech. Vehicle GPS trackers offer the end-user complete peace of mind through real-time tracking.

The tracker device makes use of sim card and IoT based mobile app accessible through a mobile phone. The tracker for car uses high quality advanced GPS sensors for better precision.

A car tracking system may make use of either active or passive tracking systems or both. Modern vehicle tracking systems combine both active and passive tracking systems for better vehicle tracking with enhanced precision and real-time data.

Mostly, a car tracking system is a plug & play device that can be easily integrated into the vehicle that requires tracking and remote monitoring. The electronic tracker or a tracking device is plugged into the onboard diagnostics that are part of the vehicle primarily.

The tracker may or may not contain a battery for a power source or might derive power directly from the source, i.e, the vehicle.

A vehicle tracking system is made up of the following components:

  • GPS tracking
  • Data tracking server
  • Customised mapping interface

Our GPS tracking devices come with extended battery life and continued technical support to boost customer service.

With linxio.me, you can:

  • Track, identify and prevent unauthorised use of business or work vehicles
  • Track, control and evaluate fleet fuel costs
  • Reduce labour costs by decreasing the turn-over time
  • Enhance scheduling and dispatch through customised reporting
  • Improve driver behaviour

What Makes A Car Tracker Tick?

A few of such queries answered.

1. What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is an electronic tracking navigational device which is generally powered by or utilises the global positioning satellite system to track the location of a vehicle in real-time, be it a person, car or any other locomotive for that matter.

The GPS tracking device is usually integrated into the vehicle or carried by a person so that the latter can be tracked accurately. The location which is recorded onto the device is transmitted via cellular or satellite modem embedded in the tracker.

2. What makes up a GPS Tracker?

Based on the type, a GPS tracking device can have or omit modules depending upon the usage requirement.

Broadly, GPS trackers are broken down into 5 categories, namely:

  • Data Loggers: These devices log the position or the location coordinates of the device on the internal memory that can be later accessed through downloadable data.
  • Data Pushers: These devices are the most common type of GPS trackers widely used. These devices usually transmit the data in the form of location, along with information about other on-board diagnostics to a designated server at regular intervals.
  • Data Pullers: Unlike data pushers, data pullers are always on and can transmit data as often as one wants to. Data pullers are more commonly used in conjugation with tracking devices with a GPS receiver module and a cellular network that can be triggered by sending a message wirelessly to it.
  • Convert GPS Trackers: These are your regular GPS trackers being put to use in everyday life. The only catch here is that these trackers are designed in a particular manner so that they mimic regular objects.
  • Vehicle OBD GPS Trackers: OBD GPS trackers can be easily plugged into the on-board diagnostics of a vehicle. The tracking unit is powered by the obd unit present on the vehicle. Additionally, OBD GPS trackers communicate with other sub-systems of the on-board diagnostics to obtain data about vehicle performance, fuel consumption among other things.

3. What type of GPS trackers does Keotrack offer?

linxio.me houses 4G ready GPS tracking devices which offer fuss-free pure plug & play experience for your personal vehicle tracking.

With linxio.me GPS trackers, you get:

  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Alerts & Notifications
  • Digitised Logbook History

We offer 30 days return on car GPS tracker hardware. The long-life, extended battery life of the tracker comes from the high-quality parts used in manufacturing. We offer great devices with sim cards, mobile app.

Swift integration with google maps, better than a standard 3G GPS tracker. Add ons include geo-fence tech that generally finds application in heavy-duty fleet management. All these features can quickly be accessed by a phone app on your ios or android device.

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